Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
  Welcome to the home of the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
The Multi-Game Online Gaming Clan  
Established 1999  

[DRS] Rules

1. Respect the clan!

  • This entails respect for individual members, respect for decisions made by the voting process, and respect for the group as a whole. Respect everyone, not just clan that warrants your respect! Always extend respect, but in the same sense, don't take crap from those who are not respectable. We all know that there are people who live to start trouble, and those people deserve no respect!

2. There will be No Childish Behavior!

  • There will be no childish behavior, this includes no severe foul language, taunting of other clan members, or bickering with other clan members.
    **Although we have this rule, some temper tantrums will be excused, as we know gaming can be very frustrating..... Just don’t get carried away!

3. We will Not Tolerate Arrogance!

  • We will not tolerate arrogance in any form. If you think you’re better than another player, think it to yourself, don't broadcast it! Never tell someone that they "suck"!

4. Always Try to Help “New“ Players!

  • Always try to help “new” players. If a player is interested in learning, share your knowledge. If you are slaughtering another player at will, offer to help! Give them some pointers and teach them the skills they need to become better.

5. All Members Must Give Their E-mail Addresses!

  • All members must give their e-mail addresses to the DRS administration. We need to have it so you can be included in clan events!

6. Name Your Character Wisely!

  • Naming of your character has to follow a certain guideline. There will be no names allowed that are sexual in nature, extremely offensive, or racial based. If you have a nickname that is possibly offensive, it will be taken to a vote where all clan members will have their input. If voted against you will have to change your nickname before you can join.

7. Think Before You Act!

  • Get permission before you do anything that could possibly adversely affect the smooth operation of the clan.

8. Keep In Communication!

  • We will not require members to join in frags, or attend practices on a regular basis, but members MUST communicate with others in the clan. If you cannot play, at least say "hi" to the other members who are online. You must make an honest attempt to keep communication alive.

    You must log-on to the DRS website "members only" area at least once a month! Failure to do so may result in termination of your membership! This is the only way we have to identify the members that join and then disappear from the face of the earth!

9. DRS Is Your Only Clan!

  • DRS clan members are prohibited from joining other clans. Other clans might have different philosophies and rules that go against those of the DRS, and, therefore, we ask that you make the DRS your only clan.

10. Wear Your [DRS] Tag Proudly!

  • DRS clan members are requested to wear their [DRS] clan tags at all times while playing. This shows that you are proud to be a DRS clan member and also allows other DRS clan members to find you more easily during gameplay.

Clan Philosophy

Clan Direction

  • We are not looking to make an “exclusive” clan where members have to be “good” players to join. We are willing to give players an opportunity to advance as part of our team rather than making them wait until they have achieved a certain skill level to join. We are looking for players with good personality, loyalty to the clan, the desire to continually learn and become better players, and the desire to uphold our values that we have set up. As said before, skill is unimportant because we know players will become better with time. Essentially, we want good PEOPLE, not necessarily good players. Skill will NEVER be an issue in this clan! To this end, this clan will be equal opportunity, without regard to age, race, gender, nationality, etc... The ONLY reason someone will be refused is poor attitude and refusal to uphold our values..

Our Goal

  • We want this clan to be different than most clans out there! We want this to be a clan that people want to join and be a part of. This will be a clan made up of people with mutual respect for one another. Respect, in all ways, at all times!
    That is a good mantra for all members to keep in their minds!
    We are going to be active TOGETHER!
    We are striving for a clan that is made up of FRIENDS!
    A big Online Gaming FAMILY!

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