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The [DRS] Voting Process Explained

The [DRS] Dirty Rotten Scoundrels have always strived to be a democratically controlled clan, meaning each members' voice is equal to that of any other member. Voting in a new member is an important clan function and is a prime example of the [DRS] democracy at work. Below you will find the voting process the DRS follows.

Voting in a new member:

  • The prospective member, or applicant, must fill out the DRS Membership Application found under the Join DRS Public Menu link found on this website.

  • A DRS Administrator will then place the application up for a "Clan Vote" where the current active DRS members have a chance to read the application, contact the applicant if questions arise, and then make an informed yes/no vote. Any active member may also voice a comment on the vote at the time of voting if they so desire, giving a chance to air their opinions and findings to the DRS Administration.

  • Every active member has the right, and, in some cases, quite possibly the duty to contact the prospective member and conduct appropriate questioning prior to their vote to ensure they are making an sound, informed vote.

  • Every active member in the clan, including the DRS Administration, has 1 vote to enter, and only 1. Every members' vote is as weighted as the next.

  • Voting will continue for 3 days. However, if the vote is overwhelming before the 3 days has expired (i.e. a majority vote for yes or no), the DRS Administration has the option of calling the vote.

  • After the vote is called, the DRS Administration tallies the results and sends the prospective member an email, which either welcomes the new member or politely rejects the formerly prospective member. A DRS Administrator then normally places the yes/no result in the member forum for active members to view.

  • The resulting count of the vote and the vote comments are not made public, they are kept only by the DRS Administrators.

  • In a case of a tie, the DRS Administration has the authority to decide the outcome or request a new vote.

  • In the case a member expresses a comment about the prospective member that indicates an inference with any of our existing clan philosophies or rules, the DRS Administration has the responsibility to intervene and investigate the matter as thoughoughly as possible. If a severe infraction is discovered, the DRS Administration has the authority to reject the applicant. Severe infractions may include lying on the Membership Application or prior known repeated instances of clan rule violations. During this time, all inquiries by active members will be entertained but only non-personal information may be provided about any intervention the DRS Administration may ever need to make.

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