I was born in Waukesha, Wisconsin in 1978, and graduated from Waukesha West High School in 1997. I have been drawing since the tender age of 3, with dinosaurs and animals ranking high on the list of subject material. I have expanded to do more portraiture and other work including some small house and architecture projects, as well as some anatomical bone studies.

My dog Grendel, a yellow Lab, has been a big influence upon my artwork though virtually none of my drawings of him are on this site. His influence led to other creations including a girl Kara. Still one of my biggest passions and interests in the art world has remained dinosaurs, and of the artists who draw them as well as other artists who have been integral to my art are Gregory S. Paul, Boris Vallejo, Masamune Shirow, Akemi Takada, Oscar Kokoschka and Douglas Henderson, and others. Much of my art style has been taken from studying and emulating many different artists and the individuality comes out in that. My drawings are the main focus of this website. My faith as a Christian and my belief in Jesus Christ is leading me to do some form of scientific illustration, or storybook illustration or art in children's books, or any field that I enjoy where my skills can be put into their best use. Currently I am attending Waukesha County Technical College in Wisconsin working on an associate degree in Graphic Design.

-- Neil Winslow

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